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General information

The company Gabriel Nàutic Mar, Golf is the concessionaire of the CB-8 buoys located in Playa de Palma (also known as Mar Menuda) Tossa de Mar.

  • The field of buoys has 80 mooring (boies)

  • They can be hired for the season, for months, weeks, or according to the needs of each client

  • The full season is June 1 to 15 September.

The mooring rental includes the following services:

  • Taxi-boat: There is a boat to bring customers the sand in your boat. Will take 2 people by boat once a day. (In low season the company may decide to offer more day trips to bring more people per boat). The service is provided without interruption 10h à 19h.

  • Wharf-jetty: It has a pier that guests can use to upload and download as many people as tools during the hours of service. (10h to 19h) .

  • Potable water: There is a point of drinking water to the pier can be used for loading bottles and water tanks. The service is not intended to clean boats or remove the salt.

information, prices and reservations:

  • Mobil phone: + 34 609 022 804

  • Reception hours call: 10:00-14:00 i 16:30-19:00

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